Council Investiture , Camp

February 23, 2008

Hello ! (:

Just came back from council camp.

i shall say abt the investiture first. d:
10.30am we are dismiss from lesson and have our lunch before the investiture.

In The Hall….
Everyone were so excited and worried abt the event.
Esp Benji and the council teachers.
We went through the whole dryout fast and we managed to finish everything on time. which is only 15 mins.

And it’s time for the students to arrive.. we went to check out attire and ties.
SMART looking πŸ˜€

But the whole process was GREAT.
I admit that i was nervous when i was going up the stage.
MRS YAP was there to shake my hand ?
but it was nice larrh.
i finally got my badge.

Went back to our seats.
The seniors actually asked us to put on our badge.
The moment i put it on, i know…
i will be very busy planning things and so on.
i am mentally prepare.
BUT not for the worst.

We took our pledge
Woah!~~ NICE ! πŸ˜€

ENDed early.
Went for some refreshment wif the parents and guests.
Sec 2s councillors were going around congrating to one another.
we went through hardships together, and now we are councillors.
Time really flies.

The frightening interview and scary speach on my birthday…..
the probation for 2 months, the sec 1 orientation..
this were the times we went through everything together, happily.
We get scolded together ,without any complaints. we reflect together.

you can’t find this in class.
cos your class is just not corporative enough.

I really LOVE to be Council.
It’s just so much FUN !

Went for CCA.
I felt really really really weird.
So what i am wearing black shoes ?
You dun hv to kept saying “councillor..councillor.. so what ? you big arh ! ”
I HATE this alright .
Why can’t you ALL to treat me us NORMAL human ?
I pissed off in class already..and i hope CCA will brighten me up a little and i am happy enough.
and can you all STOP saying ” Woah ! someone here councillor le leh.`~~ ”
Yes! you may not be happy wif it. but
PLEASE stop.

Had drills from 2.15pm to 4pm.
LOOOOONG drills.

den went to play Captian’s ball for 30 mins just outside the classroom block.
4.45pm left for council camp. :DDD

Finally, IT’s FUN CAMP~~~!

Played games from 5.30pm all the way to 7pm.
8pm to 9.45pm , it’s BBQ time and clean upp.

9.45pm to 11pm played games.
half way through the games, ms foo called us to stop playing .
cos we were screaming like heeeell.

Felicia asked us to clean up the canteen againnnn.

our bathing time was from 11.50 all the way to 12.20AM.
the water was not cold nor warm.
it’s just nice (:

garther in the hall.
Felicia talked talked talked.
and she told us that our sleeping venue had changed.
Actually is EVERYONE of us sleeping in the hall.
but now is guys at the MPR and girls at the dance room.

At the dance room, we on air-con :DDD
but it’s abit coooold.
Ms Foo came to the dance room and sleep instead of somewhere.

1AM lights OFF.
slept at 1.44am.
cos the exco kept going in and out …

HAZEL and HUIPING was sleeping at the side of me.

night time kept waking up bcos there’s so many ALARM clocks around!!
it’s like ringing every hour cans!

imagine you wanna a goood sleeep but bcos of that irritating alarm clocksss.
you can’t sleep. how will you react ?

woke up at 7am
thanks to HAZEL!
is like still so early… ):

NVM, den i went to disturb Huiping .
asking her to wake up..hahahaha!!

went to brush teeth.
den garther at the concourse.
Went for breadfast.
noodles and soya bean drink.
NICE! πŸ˜€

Played games again.
Bond wif MORE seniors. :DDDD

den went to clean up the place where we used.
after that did some survey.


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