Councillors are NOT doing anything ?

February 29, 2008

If You Have Nothing to Say, then Don’t Say. ”
This was wad Mrs Tang said on thursday..(i think )
Anw, wad she said was quite true larh.

Assembly in the hall today.
The Pledge arrhh.. repeat so many times lor.
hope next year won’t happen.

Maths lesson was boring BUT i learnt new things(:

LA.Watched movie.


Mr MM gone mad ?
His slide the font is smalll, expect us to copy down.
Ask him to make the font size bigger , later he go scold us.

that teacher arrrrh!!!
The class is noisy so wad?
you can’t even control the class too and you expect the councillors to control the class.
You didn’t know that our class is duper noisy, they wont listen to us. Cos they THINK that we ARE lousy and they treat us like normal student wearing white shoes. No matter wad you do, they just wont listen to us. We tried our best to keep the volume down just now, but the noise level just came back BCOS your voice is just TOO soft. Don’t threaten us by giving our names to Mr William Ho.
Yes, we are scare just now, after that we knew that  bcos you wanna the class to be quiet. you can do that by yourself too huh ?
Mrs Teo said before ” If you have done your best, but they just wont listen to you, den forget it. cos you have already done your very very best. ”
So even if you gives our names to Mr ho, we could just explain to him.

There are 4 councillors in our class. Bryan pong, Felicia, reubent and me.
Bryan pong was wif her gf..busy TALKING TOO.
So left me and Reubent..trying to keep the class quiet.
You think we are able to make it ? THE CLASS

Forget it.
Still okay.
Everything went well, i enjoyed myself too.
i dunno why.

Went for CCA.

We jog from school to Bishan park.
tired + cramp
Reached Bishan Park …
talked talked talkedd..
den 1 senior to 2 juniors.
tiring okay..
He can run and run like hell without resting.
and i got to chase and chase after him larrrrrh.
so after awhile, we sat wif the seniors and played our own games,
left our juniors to play wif themself.

Den after that, nah asked us to sit in a circle.
took a long time to settle down into a circle larrh.
cos shawn was still learning his ABC.
played games.
JOG back to school.
hell man,
my cramp is even worse.

reached school, did 20 pumping and off we go~~!
Stayed in the St John room slack den went home.
played jh’s hp game.
FUN okay!!

Reached home and here i am posting.

They hate you too, but they won’t say it infront of youu. _____.


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