Projects and projects !

March 2, 2008



Woke up quite late today.
Around 9.30am den off for tuition.
Was 10mins late =x

Hope tmr maths test will pass *pray hard*
LALALALA~~~where are youu ?

Before i woke up today, i was thinking while i am sleeping.
weird ?
I was thinking ,do i still own teachers any h/w ?
think and think…
i remembered Mrs Tham’s HE homework.
Needa hand up tmr if not i will fail my HE.
But it’s group work – Bento meal.
Each of us must choose which dish we are cooking.
Wth ?
And i am the only 1 doing. What abt the rest of the groupmates ?
That’s unfair if i do it all alone.
Alright, i think i will just do my own part and let the rest of them  settle theirs.
But i can’t.
I don’t know what am i going to do now. I am at a lost. It’s less than 24hours to do now and tmr i need to hand it up to mrs tham.
i dun wanna fail HE too.
Every subject is still important to me. i guess.

I guess i complain too much here.
I shall end here.

I rather do everything by my own.
you guys just don’t bother anything wif the projects/marks.
I will do it alone.
I won’t call you guys up and send me your details and everything .
you guys settle it yourself.
This is NOT the first time.

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