March 3, 2008

Monday Blues~~~!

Slept at 11.30pm last night, thanks to the HE project that i hv to do it all alone.

Start off with assembly today.
Carried chairs today..volunteer de okay. Cos no one is helping Alex.
that’ called EMPATHY.

today alot of people nv come school sia.
cos ALL of them are having fever and wadever excuse.
SHE didn’t come to school today.
and i can face to face talk to Kaixin (:
Fun with them anyway.

(See! without her, everything is so wonderful!)

Maths, 15 mins test.
i think i flunk it );
the guys in our class kept calling Mr romzee – Mas Selamat Kastari.
But think of it.. he looked quite like it anw.
opppps! No offence. =x

Jiaqi and jillian kept following us when they have no one to follow.
cough oso nv cover mouth.

PE next.
Mr Lai taught us sth abt the badminton court.
I learnt sth !

Morris almost die while he was playing and Ms Neo was angry with us again.
She gave us back our chinese test paper.
Well, i pass. but not the highest in class.
highest is 40+ cans!
mayb i lost my marks at the comphension part bah.

Rushing doing HE h/w.
Ms Chye gave us compo to write.

The topic was ” Write abt someone you like or dislike. ”
wth ?
250 words.
and i just write abt my aunt.I HATE HER.
When you hate someone, of cos you hv many things to talk abt de maah, so..i wrote abt 280 words ?
not so much huh ?

Lesson ended.
carry on wif my HE h/w wif 1 of my groupmates.
She go hv her lunch while i am rushing OUR homework for HER only.

Rush until 3plus.
den it was raining heavily.
wth. coooldddd too.
RUSH HOME, and went for tuition.
Late for 30mins this time, but it’s okay de.
cos not group maah (:
I didn’t hv my lunch before i went tuition.
i didn’t eat anything for recess too.
so, my ” lao peng you ” came to visit me again.

ended around 5.45pm den i went home.
panda eyes appear liao lorrr.


today rushing for science.
Science paper havent finish yet.
how ?!

i dreamt of this weird dream last night,

my cousin were fighting over sth, and they got damn angry wif each other and they fight.
1 of them jump on the other cousin’s ARM.
and i RUSH over to him asking him if it’s painful anot.
There’s blood coming out too.
the bone even came out too.
And i was thinking if it was fracture.
I LAZY to take out the first aid kit and so i run to the basement ( dunno where )
and ask someone for roller bandages.
But somehow that someone gave me a plaster .
den i went over to their first aid kit to take out the roller bandage .
But i not sure which is roller bandage ..
so i open each and every bandage and try out .
while i was trying the bandage, i was actually shouting at my cousin ” pain anot ? ”
but i forget that i must keep the casualty calm and relax..
and over there i was nervous too.
i AM a BAAD, inexperience first aider man !
i don’t deserve to pass my basic first aid larrh.
Before i could help my cousin to bandage….

RING RING RING RING ….!!!my alarm clock rang, and i got to wake up.
and i woke up with sweat all over.
*so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

Am i Crapping ?


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