Last day of Term 1

March 5, 2008

It was really a long day for me yesterday.

Tired was the only word that i can say.
I dunno why recently i hv been complaining that i am tired almost for the whole week. In fact not the whole week, since last week.

Well, i guess i need more sleep after my E-learning today.

okay, yesterday THAT girl didn’t come to school 😀
hope she dun come for the rest of the year.

HEH, ytd training was….
okay ?
KH sir taught a RELAXED way. Didn’t scold.
Taught us many things on first aid.
Hur! my brain store too much things at one go..can die sia.

Had Drills.
bang til my legs damn pain ):
i think it’s bcos we bang different ways bah.

 den we are allowed to go home.
Went to buy ice cream …cos i felt like buying 1.
My mouth very……

Went home.
Tired tired.
Had my dinner ,den fall alseep while watching TV.

Actually alarm clock set 7am.
But i was so tired , so i delayed until 7.30am.
woke up on comp and get ready to do Science.

8am to 2.30pm today.
Damn bored okay!
Everyone asking for ans…argghhh!

going back to school tmr.

 Last Day of Term 1.
I still need to carry on and work hard for everything. But i’m tired,tired…there’s still a long way to run til the finishing line.

2 more sundays, and time is up.
I ‘m scare and nervous.
Will i break down that day ?
I guess i need more encouragment….


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