Am I Alone in the small world…

March 7, 2008

Am I Alone ?

“In a world of broken dream, there’s nothing you can do but live on the past. Ignore the present and hope against DESTINY….”

I dun want this post to be an Emo post.

so i decided not to say anything emo.

Well, E-learning is Finalllllyyyyyyyyyyyy OVER!
8am to 3.30pm infront of the computer. Ended up there’s 2 BIG black panda eyes on my face ):
I promise i gonna sleeep early today!
but there’s still tons and tons of h/w waiting for me to do.

Home E , Maths , History and Chinese.
Those are printed out from E- learning .
But my March holiday is eaten up by CCA and lessons and the recent project by Ms Tay.
wad a wonderful holiday i have this year!
As i said , ______________.

Lord, give me the courage, strength and faith to finish up all the things that i have to do this march holiday. Give me the courage on 16 March too. I REALLY need this courage to accomplished the last first-aid competition.
Thankyou Lord.


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