Blur Day!

March 8, 2008


Saturday :]


 I think yesterday i set the wrong time which i am suppose to wake up today.
Suppose to wake up at 7.15am ended up i woke up at 7.30am!
I didn’t know until i went to bath. BLUR ME!

I take my own sweet time to dry my hair and everything. I dunno why.
the worse thing was, i missed 2 bus today in 15 mins.
how dumb i am todayyyyyyyy. ARGH!

It’s 8.15am and i am still walking out of my house until i saw this 410 bus passby me.
I told myself  ” orh,okay. the next bus will be coming 15 mins later. and by then i will be late for training. ” So i decided to cross the road and and wait for the bus (shorter route to school ) I sat at the bus stop for 10mins …and i suddenly saw 410bus coming from another side.
WTH. I can’t run across the road cos there’s many cars. -.-
So i took the bus and alighted at the swimming complex AND WALKKKK to school.
A long distance.
But while walking to school, i smsed Jiahui and Weilin. spend time sms-ing them and i reached school like just a few mins . How fastttt(:
School gate was not open. So got to walk to the pri sch side.
HEH, Saw jiahui and we walked to school together.
At the traffic light, saw Weilin and 3 of us walked to school together.
We found that the school is CLOSED today . We even joke abt Mas Selamat is inside the school so today the school is closed.

Benji came den Luther, Huifang and grace.
Weilin went to morning CALL Weiqi cos no one told her that there’s training today.

BUT we have drills today as you know, the school is closed today even the office.

Did drills..tiring larrh.
BIG HOT SUN somemore.

Benji gave the cadet group drills compeition way siaa.
and 1 mistake we own him 2 pumping.
Ended up we did 8 pumping.
*sob* knees damn pain ];

After that luther gave us lesson at the canteen.
I dun even know wad ‘s that larrh.
Until he came and realllyyyyyyy explain .
and i understood lor.
lesson ended around 11.30am.

Went to jeh 8 wif tigger.
Joked and she told me abt her camp.
She says as if it was REALLYYYYY FUN and relaxing.

Went to buy bubbbbble TEAAAA and went for tuition.
Went there and i know that there’s no tuition today.
The teacher actually called my house phone but not my hp number.
and my maiddddddd didn’t call and told me abt it.

forget it.

okay..i shall take a REST today (:


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