Happy Birthday KeHui :D

March 9, 2008


Yesterday had a last min decision whether to go for Kehui’s party.
Had scolding from my mum before she allow me to go.

I went yesterday.
In a hurry. Cos i dunno wad to buy for her birthday present.
Met Nick at jeh 8 . But he was late bcos it was MY fault.

Shop around jeh 8 , we even went to BGH and mini toons.
BHG decided to buy pokemon de, but none of them looks mature to me. =x
mini toons errrm…can’t find anything that’s related to pokemon. Until there’s a salegirl came to us.
and TADA!
we bought the SUPER BIGGGGG pokemon soft toyy. (:
Wrapped upppp.
and off we go to meet yingxuan.
She’s late too, but not my fault.

Anqi was there waiting for yx too.
We took 58 to kehui’s house.
i wanted to fall alseep in the bus, but instead i went to play game(:
NICE, but i prefer jiahui’s .

Kehui’s aunt or whoever came to pick us up.
Her house so far away lorr.

Reached her house.
We talked.
Make new friends ? O.O
Talked and talked.
Eat while we are talking too.
Much laughter too.
Funny thingsĀ happened too.

Photos taken. I shld brought my camera yesterday! ):
My phone sucks!

8 plus had the cake cut.
i was damn full cos the cake was damn full CREAM.
which make me full lawl.

went home.
LATE at night.
Anqi didn’t sat the same bus as me.
Cos her 54 came and 410white came after awhile.
i WALKED FAssssst home cos i was damn scare.
There’s no car or human around.
i even thought of mas selamat!

Well, i am safe at home already.
That’ GOOOD ;D


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