The Disappointment, you will never know.

March 10, 2008

Had maths lesson today.
I thought it would be boring.
But i’m wrong.
The lesson ended up very fun and interesting bcos i know what romzee was teaching.
SHE talked to me in class today. I just replied her.
But does not mean that i am going to forgive her.

The thing is the word  ‘sorry’ has no magical powers in itself.

It can never erase the fact that you made someone feel lost, angry, tired and maybe even unvalued.

But it doesn’t change the fact that you made the person feel like shit at that moment

And the person feels like shit all over again whenever they think about it.

Had break from 10am to 10.15am.
Stayed in the classroom to playyyyy.
Childish huh ?

Lesson continue till 11am :]
end off we goo~

Went to find Huifang and others at the parade square.
Watched them did drills and later on at the concourse joined in with them.
Did awhile and we are allow to go.

Went to jeh 8 with grace , jh and xiuli.
Went to mini toons..but i didn’t buy anything cos i can’t make up my mind.
& Kylie came..WL too 😀
den went to basement to da bao our lunch and went to school to eat :]

Went to the concourse to makan.
Studied there too..and we were guessing for weilin’s name.
But failed to.

Did a short drills. and wait for the rain to stop.
But the rain is like getting heavier and heavier plus it’s a gooooood time to sleeeep!
I’m just so sleepy.
it just won’t get away -.-

Bus-ed home with Chong.

I think my phone is spoilt. I can’t on it just now. but now it can. what if my phone is spoil ? ):

I read your blog.
you wanted to learn how to say “sorry” and ask for forgiveness.
You think i will ?
mayb ?
mayb not ?
i dunno.
but can you guarantee ?
I dun think so.



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