5 more days

March 11, 2008

Just a short post if i can, cos my computer having some problems !

 Well, went to school today…(drag to school )
Did drills for almost the whole morning ?
Cool ;D

Den went up to hv first aid lesson with KH sir.
Was Fun lehhh :]

Lunch was actually from 12pm to 1pm. That’s wad Mr Loo said.

BUT, at 12pm it was raining heavily ,
and we decided to have Take Away from Mac.
An Unheathly lunch.

We waited like !@#$%^ years for the food to come larrh.
But we kill time by, doing fancy drills, games and talking.

The delivery man came with all our food but not KH sir ‘s .
errm, was quite sad abt it larrh.
Poooooor him.
he went to buy snacks to fill his hungry stomach.
and seniors gave him their french fries.

After finishing our food, we carry on with our games til 2.50pm.
RAN back to the room.
the door was locked.
I thought the seniors are going to scold us for being late.
But i was wrong.

They were preparing short case for the us!
Shocking kay!

Short case wass..errrrm…
Bad ?
We were like dun even know wad to do first.
but everything is fine after that.

After short case was Senior luther’s turn to teach us .
Dunno wad he talking abt.
cos i was not concentrating.
thanks to my nose.

My nose got irritated by the dust around me,
like the : blanket and the notes of paper!
for the whole 35mins, i was either yawning away or my nose was very uneasy.

got to go back school again tmr.
WITH FULL-UNIFORM. and there’s mock test too.


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