Last Session

March 13, 2008

It’s the LAST training session today.
How SAD! );

Well, We did home nursing, no more short case 😀
home nursing quite Fun bcos is under Senior Luther  =)

At 11am went to do drills.
This time is under WeiLun!(:
He taught us alot of things today.
Which i think i reallyyy improve alot under him hur ?
my body posture and some of the drills.
Body posture is bcos of Nah de lor.
She kept telling me abt my body posture.
Woot! this time i made it!

Did warm up – the hand swing and 90 degree legs posture.
Tiring. but fun lehh!

Den went to the concourse to do drills since NPCC was not there.
It’s Fun larrh.
I think we reallyy impove alot compared to the 1st training session we had.
*way to go ! *

Did drills until 1.45pm.
I dun mind extending our lunch time cos WeiLun was there to teach us the way to turn and everything.
NICE! :]

Den went to the creative textile room .
Seniors and Ms Nah said something that’s going to happen on sunday.
They asked us to stop the little voice from our body .
But i think for me, it’s very difficult.
I’m scare that i will forget ALL the first aid information .
I’m worried that i may not do well this sunday.

We did cheers and took photos and we went for lunch.
Had KFC.
We ate finish and carry on sitting there chattingg.Hahahaha!
Talked abt camp, and i can only listen.
question mark &question mark appearing on top of my head :p
Sat for 1 hour ++
Hahaha! This is called ” Us ” mah.
If we dun sit there for more den 1hour, den is not called ” us” already.

Went for tuition after that.
4.30pm, Reached there on time 🙂

Falling alseep there..*_*
Raining heavily lorr. Swayyyy.

I really really really really really really really wish to get at least a medal for FOOT DRILLS.
Since this is already the lasttt time we are going for competition.
Even better IF we can get everything .
LOL. Think too much.
*stop dreaming !*

Hope the Cadet and Adult team can get at least a medal bah!
*Let’s Pray Hard *

-I have a strong feeling that the short case, there’s shock and things related to blankets.
but is my feeling right ?

[3] days more.


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