1 More Day

March 15, 2008

Yesterday was a tiring and a happpppyyyyy day šŸ˜€
Yesterday daddy dun need to work, so he brought brother and me for lunch.
Jeh 8 is like full of people everywhere. You can’t find a place to sit down and eat your lunch larrrrh.
So we went to the basement, hoping to get a sit FAST cos i need to meet yingxuan.
so finally, we went to have Remen.
The food there is Expensive ? and big portion too.
ohhell! i can’t finish it lorr.
i think i ate half and i am full.
Went off first to meet yingxuan at the interchange.
i waited for her like 45 mins ??
Weilin and weiqi kept calling me to hurrryyyy up.
but i can’t even contact yingxuan larrh.
she came around 1.50pm.
like finallyyyyy.~~
Took 54 to weilin’s house, decide where to train.
and we went to the void deck.
Weilun came too.
Yesterday training was Chao Funny and fun larh!
But to me, i think i dun even hv the mood.

Trained until 5 plus, and went to buy bubble tea.

Met daddy at jeh 8 and went to buy school shoes.
went to Bata to look for school shoes, but i dun like the design.
So went to royal sporting.
even worse.
No size for me.
wth ?

Went to converse see.
Black with purple shoes laces.
but NO SIZE!~
the shoes was nice šŸ˜€
But no size for me ):

went to BHG.
and i saw the school shoes that i wanted.
They dun hv size 7 or 7.5
They hv size 8 and above.
But all seems so big to me lor.
so i took the smallest. size 8 -.-
hopefully when i wear, dun drop off.

beside the school shoes, there’s other shoes too.
Looked at it.
non of them seems nice to me.
but i bought the black one.
I dunno if it’s nice. but i like the design .

total = $78.90

Went home.
oppps !
Talked on the phone til 11pm
woah !
break record lehh.

[1] more day to go….
I’m nervous.

Don’t worry, i won’t back out.
at most i will cry ?


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