SJAB Competition 2008

March 17, 2008




NA team



Yesterday was our big day.
Being nervous and scare for almost the whole day.
finally the result was out.

We made our GRAND exit yesterday.
We brought home “Best in FOOTDRILLS ” medal for NC team.
While the NA team got 2nd runner up. Which is quite goood huh ?(:

Althought NC team got only Best in Footdrills..but i think my dream came true.
my previous post metioned that i wanna get best in footdrills.
and i really did!(:
but my dream only came once in a blue mood.
BUT why isit once in a blue mood !

I really didn’t expect that we really got that, bcos i dun always hv confidence in everything.
I dun hv the confidence.
so, when they read out the result
i was shocked, stunned.
 I thought i was reallyy dreaming.
But later when i took the medal and i looked at it,
i told myself that i wasn’t dreaming.
I really can’t believe it.

After MONTHS and MONTHS of training,
Ms Nah kept nagging at us, seniors kept telling us this and that.
But we still could not do it well, until we improve training by training.
All the hard work that seniors put it in.
The scoldings and punishment we had.
All this we gone through, i think it has make our friendship become closer.
Do you agree with me ?

Yesterday was our Last competition with SJAB.
Well, we are now offcially in NCDCC.
How SAD!
Can i quit ?
I don’t join NCDCC.
it’s NOT the same CCA.
Can i quit ?
i dun think i can.
Because, i like my friendssss.
they are like 1000000000000000000% much better den my classmates.
They are the ones really brighten uppp my day when i was down even they dunno that i am sad.
They are a batch of people, whom i hang out with which make me happy and laugh like maaaad.
They can make me forget all my struggles and unhappiness in class .
I treasure every min i spent with them, bcos i know
it won’t last long.


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