Hey, Don’t ask me that question again.

March 20, 2008

Well , i don’t what happen to my handphone, i can’t upload the pictures to my comp!
and i don’t know happen to my internet all of a sudden. Everything seems so different!
The words are now nicer, but i just dun get used to it.

Alright, today i left home early and i thought that i miss bus.

 Reached school around 7.15am cos the bus came late mah.
Assembly at the hall .
today ‘s one was quite boring, but i love the song that ms wong sang 😀

Had Council Attire Check, well, i expected that.
Everything was fine for me.
some councillors arh, i really dunno what to say =x
Felicia was funny, she need to clip upppp her hair and she was so worry abt it.
Ms Foo ‘s mood for today is    – HAPPY!
Cos normally she check our attire, she will be talking loudly or angry.but today it looks kinda different.(:

Went back for Chinese. Ms Neo taught us abt the chinese history.
Heh, it’s so so damn INTERESTING larrh.
Know more abt the history =)
The way she teach is = to what my father taught me sia.

LA next.
Ms Chye was so fed up with our class. The class just won’t shut upp.
i dunno why. talkative bah.
And the boys asked me if i like DOGS.
But obviously i DON’T.
and after that morris asked me if i like PERSON A.
errm…of cos i said ” NO “.
And the boys started talking and laughing.
PERSON A got so angry and started to scream.
I was shocked, and NOW i am so scare of him.
But, that’s indirect answer and i won’t feel so scare when i reallyyy reply him next time.
Someday i will tell him, why not just indirectly tell him.
It will be easy huh ?
I didn’t mean to hurt him larrrrh.
But just that I DON’T LIKE HIM!
forget it,i just dun like him.

Maths, okay ?
i think so.
i understood what he was teaching!

ate with LeEN and germaine cos the other table no sit already.

errm..did timeplan and everything.
Was in a rush to do everything cos Mrs Tham suddenly asked me to change recipe.
i was like WTH!
today den tell me to change. Where the hell on earth am i going to think of it ?
but nvm, i went to flip through the HE book. and i decided to make ” French Toast. “
Easy to makee larrh.(:
Heck her if next week pratical she dun allow.

12.30pm end school !
Went to the concourse to look for huifang and others.
Still rushing for HE cos i havent finish it, as today will be the deadline.
Rush and handed it up .

Helped up on the present we are going to give.
errm…we used 3 hours to finish up everything.
*Way to go ! *
cos we have many ppl helping mah.

Walked to jeh 8 after we finished.
Huifang was fed up with the discussion and she went off.
bcos i think we are in a wrong too.
i encounted things like this too.
When you are talking, no one reply you bcos they are either playing or talking among themself.
Later i dunno where she go already..
We went to NTUC and bought things.
and my mum screwed things up and told me that she forgot to buy______.
i was like ohmytiannn! how ?
until now it’s not solve.
Nvm, i am sure that I WILL get it done by TODAY.
trust me ^^

Went home and went for tuition =x


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