A Trip to CHC , Grandma’s birthday

March 24, 2008

Hello peeps!
I am finally back~

Saturday went to Singapore expo 8 with LE EN.
City Harvest Church.
Well, i didn’t go there with an open heart.
Cos you know, i dun really like Le En and we just patched up not long ago.
She hurted me deeply before.
so hang out with her , i was worried.

took MRT there, errm,
we talked alot, but most of it was LE EN talking.
I listened.

Reached Expo around 4plus.
the Q was damn loooong, but her friend helped us Q first.
Around 5pm .
We went into find seats.
Met alot of her cell group friends.
Heh, they are Friendly and caring peoples!
The drama abt Jesus was touching, making me heartache.
Jesus died for us.

We sang songs and prayed. worshipped.
The topic was on “ Unforgiveness “.
I love their worship.
they pray was EVERYONE over there pray together de lor.
The feeling was NICE! =D
and there’s one part that we need to go to the front to wash away our sin.
Either you backslide or you are first to be there for the event.
i dun really want to go, but LE EN asked me to go since she’s following me.
I went to the front with fearrr cos i was like SO SO BLURRRRR.

and they prayed for us is to ask Jesus to forgive us for what we had done wrong.
I cried.
I can REALLY feel the presence of God .

Everything ended around 8pm ?
den went to meet LE EN ‘s Cell group’s friends.
they are funnnnnyyy !!
Shaked many hands and introduced myself like!@##$%^& times.

Went home after that, and reached home around 9 plus.

* Jesus has forgiven me.
He will forgive and forget.

What abt me ?
I want to forgive them.
I am trying to.
forgive those who had hurted me before…



After tuition went to grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday.

Durian Cake.
HUGE eh ?

and i met many of my niece and nephew.

Didn’t really chat/talk to cousin cos she busy reading her story booook.

Stay til 8plus and took bus home.


still not bad, i think.
but there’s still time i am quite angry with some peoppppple!

Start off with Maths today,errm..was alright.
just that i am abit confuse abt the numbers and everything. giving me a bigggg headache.

i shall not complain too much on it.
is like i am giving ways to them ALL the times.
forget it man!

Teacher went crazy~
called some of the parents while we did some work.
Nvm, not my parents can liao lorr.

i only asked them to write down the names they want to put on their classtee.
so the class list was pass down,
and it took 1 hour +++ for the class list to be back .
and the names was RUBBISH!
I was of cos, angry larrh.
and i ” scolded “some of the guys. =/
But whatever it is , i will put your REAL name instead of yourr nickname.

Council Meeting at the hall.
Mr Lee was in charge of it.
He was telling us abt the ushering thing for this Friday and on the 5th April.
But obviously, i am NOT free on Friday..and i told him
he gave me a bu shuang look can.
But anw , he put me on the 5th April – which is the EVERLAND PRODUCTION!
LALALALA~~ but we won’t be watching the show larrh.
of cos, WE are there to usher people mah.
but nvm, i am sure it will be FUN with the councillors~ (:

after meeting , went with Hazel and Shalin.
mayb i am abit sensitive with them today.
hope i am NOT wrong.


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