Rush !

March 28, 2008

I left home early today at abt 6.30am.
And i actually saw 1 410bus left larh, but it’s the early one.
I waited at the Bus-stop for like 20mins .
My patient has already reach to the limit larh.
and i am worried that i wont be able to reach school on time.

Finally the bus came, and the bus was pack with people .
and it tooook damnnn looonngggg to reach school.
the bus came at 6.59am and i reached school at 7.25am.
Woah! How wonderful huh ?!
I ran to school today after i alighted from the bus with dorin.
luckily i was 5 mins early.  DETENTION!

Reached Concourse and saw Jiahui and others and i was glad that i was NOT late.
Went to the hall, assembly.
was nervous.

went up to the stage and shake mrs chua’s hand..
And stand on the stage.
Nah talked.
I dunno what she said actually cos i can’t really hear on the stage.
but it’s sth good .

Maths lesson after that, was okayy.
Rushing for Assignments.
But til now, i havent finish it yetttt.

I saw with HER again.
this time she sat NEARER to HER PRETTY BOY.
and i kana caught bcos i was talking.
But i dun give a damn.
His lesson is really boring and i dunno what he’s talking abt.
HEh, i learnt my mistake .

today recess, not many ppl.

not bad.

errm, mr low’s speech was nice.
The Story about SEAN!

Went to room 3 for Lunch Celebration.
didn’t eat much thanks to the SEC 1s.
They shld NOT come and celebrate with us de larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh.

Ms Nah ordered Pizzas , Chicken wings and coke.
BUT obviously, 95% of it is thoseee batch of Sec 1s finished everything.
Forget it, it’s ALL Nah’s ideas.

Went for Everland meeting.
we are just ushering larrh.
But there’s no meeting, cos no one came up to us.

 we still need to pay 10$ for the tickets. CHEAP HUH ?!(:

and RUSHHHH home with kai xin, cos i saw herrrr(:

Hey People !
Enjoy yourself alright ?
Don’t worry, i will be back with sth for ALL of youuuuuuuuuuu! [:
Takecare ;D


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