Pictures and pictures.

April 1, 2008



I am back :]

Went to Malaysia ~
Had lots of FUN there.
and i found that the time goes very slowlyyy.

At the airport, sth wrong with our ticket cos mum forgot to bring her credit card!
but luckily dad followed us to airport if not had to cancelled the trip ler..):

But everything was fine after 1 and a half hour.
long eh ?

Board the plane and oofff i went to Malaysia~~!
8plus reached Malaysia.
Uncle came to fetch us and brought us to hv our dinner.
1st meal there already spent him $209 .

Went to his house to stay, and slept at 12 or 1plus .

Day 2.

Woke up at 5plus and off we went to grandparents’ tomstone ?
isit ?
reached there around 7.45am.
We were the 2nd group to reach there lorr.
Helped out in the cleaning and everything..
Ate there too.
It some how gave me a Family Garthering like that.
The feeling was nice!
anw , i was busy taking photographs.
i do get bored lor.

11plus den all of went home.
Was damn tired. slept on the way back to Penang.

Reached uncles house, i studied.
while brother went to swim.
cos i got history test on monday but in the end oso dun hv):

Went to visit those uncles 2nd new house.
their house were biggggg and niceeee.
How i wished i can have one toooooooooo

Had Penang Laksa for Lunch..
HEH , it’s nice okayyy.
different from Sinapore de.

den went to shoppping !
bought things forr peepss.

the day passs like that …

night time can forget abt it.
the meal that we are was TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.

Day 3

Woke up at 9am cos mum asked me not to waste so much time on sleeping.

Had curry mee for breadfast.
not bad larrh.
Went to 3rd uncle house.
met cousins and talked .
nice talking and joking with them larrrrh.
i wish i can extand the time staying there.

4plus went to the airport.
Can tell that uncle hen bu she de us.
his facial expression.
but nvm, june holiday going back there again~~~!
Hope i have the time aye ?


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