Lifeskill Workshop

April 3, 2008

Had lifeskill workshop today after the morning assembly.
Went to the MPR, and coach Yvonne was there.

I learnt how to take note-taking in an easier and faster wayy .

played games..and get into serious matter.
The atmosphere was so peace and quiet.

“Note Taking & Memory Technique “

She let us see WORDS and asked us to remb them all in 2 mins.
of cos, i can’t but i tried.
I can only remb 11 words at most when i wrote it out.


She taught me these :

The Brain remembers better IN CHUNKS.
Organise information into catagories.
unrelated items together with a sentence or a story.

2)An Action needs to be REPEATED before it is permanently stored into-long term memory Subject matter is taught in class.

LINK the information with something you know.

3)Use an easily remembered word or phrase to remember a list of items.

Taking small breaks
(5-10 mins ) after every 40 – 50 mins of studying :
increases the amount of information recalled
Relaxes the mind and body.
-Enable understanding and recall to “Work Together ” to the best advantage.
-Help your mind LINK the information to what was perviously learnt.

Mayb this may help me in my studies.
Hope so =x


still got alot, but i dun think you want to read all.
you want, ask me for the paper bah. 🙂

11.15am the workshop ended and it’s our RECESS!
Woot !
but i dun think i enjoyed it.
bcos of some reasons.

LA next. 2 periods.
Ms Chye not free, so nv come.
So Mdm Tan and another teacher came.

CME period.

and ms low discuss abt the money collection thing.
Mr Lai said, IF we can reach $2008 , Ms low and him will treat us go chalet .
as if we can reach $2008.

den we oso discuss abt next friday, making a Farewell party for Mashita.
She’s leaving .

Went to meet WL after that.
shall not say much abt what we did.
went for tuition, heavy rain .

and yeaa..wrote formal writing, almost fall alseep .

Took bus home,
i damn angry with him larrh, drive oso dunno how to drive.
He sudden stop for 2 times.
and the 2nd time , he made my RIGHT hand injuried larrh.
I was standing and he sudden stop, my right hand hit against the pole (isit )
now it’s like red and swollen larh.
Hope apply cream would be better.

there’s NCDCC tmr !
:] :[

nite nite !

Where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY.
Success is just a matter of attitude.
Get on a path personal growth and continuous study,regardless of your field.

 Let this remind me…


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