Emotional Week

April 4, 2008

Emo in the morning cos of some reason.

Assembly in the hall, was perfectly OKAY.
den went to room 7 for english. Ms Chye told us to discuss what we want to do for our project.
but we just listen to our music and chat.
I slept for 2 periods.

Went to the hall for the International Friendship Day thing.
But it’s not lorr.
Mr Lim just talked abt BB’s trip to cambo.
but it’s quite interesting.
ilove listening to story.
HEH, i dun mind Mr Lim to be my teacher .

Starting to emo already..

Went to Auditorium.
Had the C & T programme. but actually it’s a ” Geo lesson” to me.
Watched the dunno what show.
It’s interesting lehh…

Went to the hall for chapel.
many ppl nv bring tie lorr.
cos the timetable says that we have NO chapel mah.
so let that lorr.

Stay back to meet ms tay, bcos of the tickets she’s selling it to us at 2 tickets at $5.
Cheap cheap.
it’s only for councillors and PEL.
cos is Mr Low treat us de.

i didn’t buy cos no1 needs it.
went for founder’s day rehearsal.
was okayy, not so bad.
ended around 2pm.

so CCA starts at 2.30pm.

Fall in, den had drills.
drills was siannn.. but i admit that i did wrong .
Long time nv do, sure forget de mah.

need to teach the sec 1s drills, i think i can die siaa.
i dunno how to EXPLAIN to them !

Had lesson abt the CD Shelter.
WAS Boringg ~~!
Hope he dun be my teacher next year.

Den games,
was OBVIOUSLY EMO-ing alreadyyy.
Yingxuan thought that i was angry with her.
i dare not say that i am angry with her + what’s there to angry with my sister ?(:
althought she really hurt me ytd, but i dun reallyyyyyyy take it so seriously.

TRY to give her a smile.
was veryyy reluctant to smile.

Fall out !
Stayed back, and Luther gave us sth that he bought back .
Den went to buy bubble Tea.
But on the way to bb tea, it does not seems to be a happy one.
bcos i was emo-ing.
this week was really a difficult week for me.

they went off without telling me.
and jh and me went home just like that.
saw her mum in the bus.

home sweet home ?
so damn angry with my brother.

going out tmr ! :DD

I dunno what happened to me today or in fact from tuesday onwards.
Give me time, mayb i just need the time.
I left with 3 more weeks.
But i can’t get anything into my brain.
The paper gonna be difficult. I can’t make it.
I gonna fail it. But i dun want to.
What am I suppose to do ?

Broke down just now when i reached home.
Yingxuan was right, she told not to keep things to myself.
She asked me to tell her all my problems just now when we were playing games.
but i simply told her that i have no problems.
But i am used to it.
Keeping this to myself, sometime can be a good thing but not always.
I will feel better when i tell her my problems.
I will FEEL better.
But i rather not say it.
I dunno why.


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