Exams, Class Tee~

May 3, 2008

Class Tee was ____________.
I dunno if i will wear when there’s no event or whatever.
BUT i will wear if we go for camps or whatever event with the class 😀
I think, most of them thinks that my design is better ( thick skin abit :P)
many ppl said that to me.
Thankyou 2Hope! (:
Well, something we can’t change. People just want to design their own, let them be alright ?
We should SOMETIMES give ways to them.
anw, it’s our last year together in the same class, let us be MORE united (when we are united NOW:]) and not making more troubles this year.
Forget EVERYTHING that happened last year. Take it that we ARE not mature last year okay?
I know all of you cant see this post, but nvm…I can see that we are more united nowww compared to last year.
All the Best for your Exams ! :]

ohmy! It’s just 3 more days to go.
Howwwwwwwww ?


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