A day out with the girrls ~ :D

May 9, 2008

Wonderful dayy! (:
After exam, went to Mac den went home to change and meet the girls at 1pm.
Headed to Bugis.
Woah~ Bugis Street…
Things there are cheap cheap and nice nice! xD
Got so tempted. But, i didn’t buy anything.
Window Shop shop.
Den went to Bugis Junction shop shop.
Okay larh.
Felicia went to buy Mama’s day present for her mother.
so Sweeet!*
Den off to Orchard since Mummy wanted to treat the girls at Hard Rock Cafe.
so went there.
but things changed.
– SKIP –
Reached Hard Rock Cafe, Woah~
Ate until damn full sia, i am sure the girls too huh?
Den mum came down around 6pm and went to buy me shoes :DD
together with Corrina and Jiaqi.
LE EN and Fel went home first.
So 4 of us went to buy shoes~
Yeaa~ i bought my shoess!
like finallyyy.
I bought 1 and jiaqi bought 1 and tgt we got 10% off!
Den all of us went home le.
Pictures Time !
Presenting you ourr Class Tee Shirttt! (:

Feli , LE EN.
Poohh! :]
In The Train.. xD

Cheese Pasta
Mac Pie.

The Grand Toilet



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