A day out to Sentosa with the girls

May 29, 2008


Heh, Tashka you gave me the motivation to post here NOWWW after reading my tagboard.
Hahaha!! xD

Well, Yesterday went Sentosa with Jiahui,LE EN, Corrina,Jiaqi,Felicia and Kehui.
Since this is my private blog, i shall say what i want to say.

Yesterday was okay..not really excited abt anything cos the group of ppl i went with…i dun really like them, i guess.
I rather go with SJAB friends. They are a batch of FUN people, they really know each other well. Mayb that’s what i think 😀

Alright, around 11.50am we reached Sentosa and walked to Palawan Beach.
Put our stuffs at one of the stall..and we needa buy something from there…
so we ordered 2 apple juice and 1 nacho.
off we go and playyyy!~
Started off playing with the ball.
den they started to pull people to the water.
I was the last to get pull…
Felicia came to me and pull me down, soon later more and more ppl came ..
i told them i am NOT going down to the deep water.
i am so scared of the water..and i cried in the end.
It’s just for awhile.
i guess none of them know that i am so so so damn scared of the water.
Well, now at least they know.

In order for them to carry on with the rest of the dayy, i know i must let them have fun.
So, i quickly changed my mood .
I laughed..
at least i felt better after that.

After awhile, it started to rainn.
But the girls went to play with the sand.

The rain got heavier so, we went to the stall and ate!
Took photos too.

The rain got smaller and we went to the children’s pool to playy.
then i went in to playy too.
Cos it’s not that deep ;p

they swim/play there..i am left alone.
So ?
i took photos FOR THEM.
i told myself, it’s okayyyy. Nvm.

then, they went to the bridge there…
Me,Jiahuii and Kehui were taking photos with the bridge and the rest were swimming.
THEY expect Me to take photos of them too.
i was like …” Hello!? YOU TOOK ALOT ALREADY LARH. and It’s ME who took for all of you. Now i want myself to be in the photo too..Why cant i ? ”
I heck care them and went over to the other side with Jiahui.
Took alot of Silly photos with her.
It’s damnn funnyyy larh.

After that , it RAINED again.
We went to the children’s pool againn~
Coool eh ?

After while, LE EN and me went in to 7-11 and get sth to eat since it’s so coldddd!

Went out played. and they went to the Seaa .
i am left alone again…….
felt like going to other place by myself..

Around 5.40pm we went to bath.
felt FRESH after bathing.
But i am tired.

Went home with jiahui and Fel.
We kept walking to the wrong way.

and i went back home safely yesterday!(:



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