Friendship is…

June 8, 2008

Friendship is the most fragile object in the entire universe.
I cherish the friendship with all my heart and all my soul.
I want to be sincere in every friendship I hold. I may behave quite weirdly sometimes but I just want my friends to know that I am me.
I want to be real, it’s tough but I believe it is do-able. Because betrayal always makes the other party feel so terrible, that is why we have to be real before all.

A true friendship goes through lots of trials and obstacles but the point we’re driving is never how tough the problems are but how we cross over this mountain of thorns together. There’s one thing I’ve always believed in, that is, once you miss the right opportunity, your chance is gone forever.

We may have been the best of friends, but we’ll never be again. It is not that I don’t want. But somehow, it is more of like, the situation and environment doesn’t allow.

One key component of Friendship is definitely communication.
Communication is important.
In every form of relationship, be it friendship, boy-girl relationship and even within the four walls of your house. But WRONG way of communication brings about trouble. Yes, gossip. Gossips are juicy but gossiping is a sin.

All we’ve left are memories of the past.




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