A Day out with Fel fel, and Kaixin(:

June 11, 2008

 I SIMPLY LOVVVVVE THIS BROWN SKIRT! 😉  but it cost abt $80++   D:

Well, as you know from my previous post, Fel fel asked me out immediately after i posted. Woah! My dream actuallyyy came true! (:
Quite happy bcos my dream seldom come true :p

Well, met Kaixin in the bus den bus down to jeh 8 to meet fel.
I think this is the first time the 3 of us went out together.

We took sillyyy photos.

Accompany Fel go buy swimming costume for her camp.
but jeh 8 one too Expensive~
so we went to TPY.
Where this shop sell swimming costume and manymanymanymanymany FBT short/shirts and ect etc..
well, i saw purple but i didnt see PINK.
i didnt buy FBT cos i am saving $$$ ?
or am i scare that my mum will scold ?
both i guess.

Then we sat at MAC from 4.30pm to 6pm
We ate there and took photos there!
FUNNY larh.
Felicia took 1 photo of me which is DAMN RANDOM can!
i loooked so childish in that photo~

Den we trained down to Jeh 8.
GSS now and the shirts is sooo cheappp! 😀
We shopped there~
and kaixin told me she wanted to buy that GREY pants.
and it cost only $19. Usual price was $39.
To ME , i think it’s nice too.
and i saw SHIRTS too.
NICE & Cheap.
but i cant buy.
need mum approval~

So my mum called me and i needa meet her.
and the girls went home.

Had dinner at KFC with mummy.
then she say go shoppp.
so she went to BHG, 50% for the shoes.
and she bought 1.

then went to second floor, i showed her the shirts and pants that i want.
and i went to try.
i bought 1 PINK top and 1 GREY bottom.
(Kaixin , be JEALOUS!)

then bus-home.

Happy Happy Day!(:

*P.S. i dun think i will post this incident in blogger. but i think i will post the pictures only.




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