3 more days

May 31, 2008

Counting 3 more days to camp.

2 camps in 4 days.
What am i going to do ?



Founder’s Day

April 12, 2008

It’s fianlly overrrrrrrrrr.
No more events coming up.
and that means, i can concentrate on my studies =)
Gooood news to me eh ?

Started off with yesterday morning.
Assembly in the hall, forgot what we did.

Den was Maths.
Mr Romzee didn’t come for like so many weeeeeks larrh.
and now Mr Tan came to teach us.
he said that Mr Romzee wont be coming back til end of this term or even end of the year.
So now Formally our maths teacher is —– MR TAN!
Both happy and sad.
1)He’s a good in teaching maths and i will learn sth :]
2) he’s wayyyyyyyyy too strict.
Can’t slackkkk anymore huh?

History, a time for emo-ing.
did work.
nth much.

nth happen.

I just dunno what i did larrh.
i didn’t talk or wadever,
i just sat there quietly looking at her marking the papers.( other classes’s paper)
and she called my name for like NO REASON.
she called me to stand in front of the class and see who’s talking.
BUT many ppl were talking and she dun bother anything.
later when i asked my friends what happened,
they all said that teacher was NOT punishing me.
cos Ms Neo thought that i was too free and she asked me to do sth for herrr.
BUT she raised her voice as if she’s scolding can ?!
okayy..whatever it is,
it’s just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT my problem, i didn’t do anything WRONG..

Went to room 10 for form teacher’s period.
FUN leh!
we discuss abt the class Tee.
and i did some work.
and chat chat with clarence.
since he’s sitting in front of me.
quite long didn’t talked to him even we are in the same class.
Haha! weird.

1.50pm ended.
Ms Low asked me and kaixin to stay back.
she asked us to go NTUC to buy whatever things need for the farewell party.
she even asked us to buy packet drinks ( 45 of them )
HEH, so we went to the drink stall to buy 45 😀

den went to NTUC to buy tibits.
we bought almost everythingggggg!
we bought alottttt anyway.
and we carried all the wayyy back to school.
since it’s windy.

After helping ms low,
i went to help Ms Nah.
cos she asked me to help her out.
helped her to cut sth and went uppp to the hall.
The hall was ready for founder’s dayy.
it’s sooooo GRAND!
k wadever.
finished everything by 4pm.
busy right ?

i actually wanted to go home and bath,
but bcos of Ms Nah, i can’t.
and yaa.
i forgot to hv my lunch!
but nvm, i got my BB TEAAAAA!

waited for everyone in the concourse.
and things happened.
i didn’t know things will turn out this way.
den went to change into our FULL-U
and had dinner.
didn’t eat much cos the foood taste _____.

Rehearsal one time.
and went to auditorium to “park ” ourself there.
was damn siann.

At 7.10pm
the UG group get ready and waited outside the hall.
as usual, was nervous.
scare do wrongly larrh.
if not thousands eyes will be looking larrh.

AND i salute 2 times .
bcos of some reasons.

after that, walked out.
We went to watch the show after that and sat at the back of the hall.
We played.
imagine we PLAYED.
okok, it’s damn funnyy larh.
and yingxuan was like cheering .and it’s damnnnn loud.
and huifang was so angry wif yingxuan.
going deaf sooooon.

and yea!
was shocked that he’s there.

and went home around 10plus.
reached home at 10.40pm.
tired. tired.


after i alight from the bus ,
i still need to cross the traffic light.
so i waited for the GREEN man to appear.
before i walked, i must see that the car infront of me must stop first before i crossed.
that’s wad daddy taught me! (:
so i crossed.
den went i was crossing halfway throu,
this stupid driver, i dunno what happen to him,
without stopping for ME.
and i turned and loooked at his number plate.
i can SUE him siaa.
i almost die bcos of this driver!!
that driver even turned his head and looked at me in a shocked way larrh.
he was suppose to stop his car and let me cross de larrh.
i just stop there and let him cross.
nvm, even thou, i was REALLY tired.
but i was still *AWAKE* when crossing the road.
luckily i didn’t died yesterday.
if not many of you will be attending my funeral today.

After that incident, i dare not sleep yestersday. X(

thanks God that I am still alive.

Emotional Week

April 4, 2008

Emo in the morning cos of some reason.

Assembly in the hall, was perfectly OKAY.
den went to room 7 for english. Ms Chye told us to discuss what we want to do for our project.
but we just listen to our music and chat.
I slept for 2 periods.

Went to the hall for the International Friendship Day thing.
But it’s not lorr.
Mr Lim just talked abt BB’s trip to cambo.
but it’s quite interesting.
ilove listening to story.
HEH, i dun mind Mr Lim to be my teacher .

Starting to emo already..

Went to Auditorium.
Had the C & T programme. but actually it’s a ” Geo lesson” to me.
Watched the dunno what show.
It’s interesting lehh…

Went to the hall for chapel.
many ppl nv bring tie lorr.
cos the timetable says that we have NO chapel mah.
so let that lorr.

Stay back to meet ms tay, bcos of the tickets she’s selling it to us at 2 tickets at $5.
Cheap cheap.
it’s only for councillors and PEL.
cos is Mr Low treat us de.

i didn’t buy cos no1 needs it.
went for founder’s day rehearsal.
was okayy, not so bad.
ended around 2pm.

so CCA starts at 2.30pm.

Fall in, den had drills.
drills was siannn.. but i admit that i did wrong .
Long time nv do, sure forget de mah.

need to teach the sec 1s drills, i think i can die siaa.
i dunno how to EXPLAIN to them !

Had lesson abt the CD Shelter.
WAS Boringg ~~!
Hope he dun be my teacher next year.

Den games,
was OBVIOUSLY EMO-ing alreadyyy.
Yingxuan thought that i was angry with her.
i dare not say that i am angry with her + what’s there to angry with my sister ?(:
althought she really hurt me ytd, but i dun reallyyyyyyy take it so seriously.

TRY to give her a smile.
was veryyy reluctant to smile.

Fall out !
Stayed back, and Luther gave us sth that he bought back .
Den went to buy bubble Tea.
But on the way to bb tea, it does not seems to be a happy one.
bcos i was emo-ing.
this week was really a difficult week for me.

they went off without telling me.
and jh and me went home just like that.
saw her mum in the bus.

home sweet home ?
so damn angry with my brother.

going out tmr ! :DD

I dunno what happened to me today or in fact from tuesday onwards.
Give me time, mayb i just need the time.
I left with 3 more weeks.
But i can’t get anything into my brain.
The paper gonna be difficult. I can’t make it.
I gonna fail it. But i dun want to.
What am I suppose to do ?

Broke down just now when i reached home.
Yingxuan was right, she told not to keep things to myself.
She asked me to tell her all my problems just now when we were playing games.
but i simply told her that i have no problems.
But i am used to it.
Keeping this to myself, sometime can be a good thing but not always.
I will feel better when i tell her my problems.
I will FEEL better.
But i rather not say it.
I dunno why.

SJAB Competition 2008

March 17, 2008




NA team



Yesterday was our big day.
Being nervous and scare for almost the whole day.
finally the result was out.

We made our GRAND exit yesterday.
We brought home “Best in FOOTDRILLS ” medal for NC team.
While the NA team got 2nd runner up. Which is quite goood huh ?(:

Althought NC team got only Best in Footdrills..but i think my dream came true.
my previous post metioned that i wanna get best in footdrills.
and i really did!(:
but my dream only came once in a blue mood.
BUT why isit once in a blue mood !

I really didn’t expect that we really got that, bcos i dun always hv confidence in everything.
I dun hv the confidence.
so, when they read out the result
i was shocked, stunned.
 I thought i was reallyy dreaming.
But later when i took the medal and i looked at it,
i told myself that i wasn’t dreaming.
I really can’t believe it.

After MONTHS and MONTHS of training,
Ms Nah kept nagging at us, seniors kept telling us this and that.
But we still could not do it well, until we improve training by training.
All the hard work that seniors put it in.
The scoldings and punishment we had.
All this we gone through, i think it has make our friendship become closer.
Do you agree with me ?

Yesterday was our Last competition with SJAB.
Well, we are now offcially in NCDCC.
How SAD!
Can i quit ?
I don’t join NCDCC.
it’s NOT the same CCA.
Can i quit ?
i dun think i can.
Because, i like my friendssss.
they are like 1000000000000000000% much better den my classmates.
They are the ones really brighten uppp my day when i was down even they dunno that i am sad.
They are a batch of people, whom i hang out with which make me happy and laugh like maaaad.
They can make me forget all my struggles and unhappiness in class .
I treasure every min i spent with them, bcos i know
it won’t last long.

Last Session

March 13, 2008

It’s the LAST training session today.
How SAD! );

Well, We did home nursing, no more short case 😀
home nursing quite Fun bcos is under Senior Luther  =)

At 11am went to do drills.
This time is under WeiLun!(:
He taught us alot of things today.
Which i think i reallyyy improve alot under him hur ?
my body posture and some of the drills.
Body posture is bcos of Nah de lor.
She kept telling me abt my body posture.
Woot! this time i made it!

Did warm up – the hand swing and 90 degree legs posture.
Tiring. but fun lehh!

Den went to the concourse to do drills since NPCC was not there.
It’s Fun larrh.
I think we reallyy impove alot compared to the 1st training session we had.
*way to go ! *

Did drills until 1.45pm.
I dun mind extending our lunch time cos WeiLun was there to teach us the way to turn and everything.
NICE! :]

Den went to the creative textile room .
Seniors and Ms Nah said something that’s going to happen on sunday.
They asked us to stop the little voice from our body .
But i think for me, it’s very difficult.
I’m scare that i will forget ALL the first aid information .
I’m worried that i may not do well this sunday.

We did cheers and took photos and we went for lunch.
Had KFC.
We ate finish and carry on sitting there chattingg.Hahahaha!
Talked abt camp, and i can only listen.
question mark &question mark appearing on top of my head :p
Sat for 1 hour ++
Hahaha! This is called ” Us ” mah.
If we dun sit there for more den 1hour, den is not called ” us” already.

Went for tuition after that.
4.30pm, Reached there on time 🙂

Falling alseep there..*_*
Raining heavily lorr. Swayyyy.

I really really really really really really really wish to get at least a medal for FOOT DRILLS.
Since this is already the lasttt time we are going for competition.
Even better IF we can get everything .
LOL. Think too much.
*stop dreaming !*

Hope the Cadet and Adult team can get at least a medal bah!
*Let’s Pray Hard *

-I have a strong feeling that the short case, there’s shock and things related to blankets.
but is my feeling right ?

[3] days more.

A Terrible Training

March 12, 2008

Hello !

I am backkk.
After a long day in school !

Today was a baad day ?
Scolding day.
Went to school today, the FIRST to be there.
Dunno why.
den waited for everyone to arrive.
once huifang reached school, she told us to change into Full-U.
Everyone choing to the toilet and changed.
plus we have 20 mins to change.

meet sir and senior at the concourse for Competition drills.
hmm..at the concourse can’t really hear wad Yingxuan was commanding.
Grace’s voice was damn loud sia.
and of cos, once we can’t hear yingxuan = we will do wrongly.

Had second round of drills again.
Cos we did badly ?
this time at the parade square cos no one is using mah.
This time can hear clearrrrrly. :]

The marks for round one and two is almost the same lorr.
1 mark different only.
31 / 50

Den went to hv lunch..
WTH. IHATELUNCH for today.

suppose to have lunch at 12pm and come back at 1pm.
1hour is abviously NOTNOTNOT enough.
But we need to wait for sir and everyone to be ready.
So delayed till 12.10pm plssss
walk to jeh 8 is already..12.15 or 12.18 plss.
went to S-11 to eat.
We even DA BAO larrrh.
bought bubble Tea.
We shld NOT went to buy bubble tea de larh!
Took bus back to school cos it’s raining sooon.

Reached school.
it’s already 12.59pm
but we went to concourse to eat.
BUT we didn’t went up to the sir and ask for moreeee time.
We delay till 1.15pm den went to report to the seniors.
So ??

ended up we got scolding and punishment from sir and NAH!
but i dun mind being punish bcos we are late okayyy.
I reallyyy dun mind cos we are realllllyyyy late.
We pumping position like quite lonnggg ?
My hands gone numb okaayy.
Back still okay bah.
just that my hands gone numb.
colour of my hand is = RED.
i dunno why.
total we did 5 times in a roll.
How tiring !
3 mins each.
From Full- U change to normal attire.
Run to the toilet and change + must run Backkkkk.
5 times. ohmygosh!
Many things happened in the toilet larh.
but the seniors still can laughed de worr.
sec 2s were like “eheh! wait for me lehhh !”
eheh! help me with this lehh! quick!”

We were damn nervous ?
or shall i say I AM THE ONLY ONE .
i throw my clothes on the floor or wadever i can put.
in a rush for timee.

Sir was happy with it den we carry on with Home nursing.
Short Case wassss TERRIBLE!
Re-do like 3-4 times ?
used for 1hour ++
Competition sure die.
After that changed to Senior Luther which is MOREEEEE Relaxing larrrh.
can joke around.
plus it make me more tiring. I kept yawning whenever it’s luther lesson.
so to me it’s ” yawning session “.
took bus with jiahui.
Back to school tmr !~~~


byeeee ~~!

[4] more daysss.

I changed my blogskin (blogger), i think it looks nicer  ;]

5 more days

March 11, 2008

Just a short post if i can, cos my computer having some problems !

 Well, went to school today…(drag to school )
Did drills for almost the whole morning ?
Cool ;D

Den went up to hv first aid lesson with KH sir.
Was Fun lehhh :]

Lunch was actually from 12pm to 1pm. That’s wad Mr Loo said.

BUT, at 12pm it was raining heavily ,
and we decided to have Take Away from Mac.
An Unheathly lunch.

We waited like !@#$%^ years for the food to come larrh.
But we kill time by, doing fancy drills, games and talking.

The delivery man came with all our food but not KH sir ‘s .
errm, was quite sad abt it larrh.
Poooooor him.
he went to buy snacks to fill his hungry stomach.
and seniors gave him their french fries.

After finishing our food, we carry on with our games til 2.50pm.
RAN back to the room.
the door was locked.
I thought the seniors are going to scold us for being late.
But i was wrong.

They were preparing short case for the us!
Shocking kay!

Short case wass..errrrm…
Bad ?
We were like dun even know wad to do first.
but everything is fine after that.

After short case was Senior luther’s turn to teach us .
Dunno wad he talking abt.
cos i was not concentrating.
thanks to my nose.

My nose got irritated by the dust around me,
like the : blanket and the notes of paper!
for the whole 35mins, i was either yawning away or my nose was very uneasy.

got to go back school again tmr.
WITH FULL-UNIFORM. and there’s mock test too.