I’m back, how are you ?

September 3, 2008

Hello, i am back after so long 😀
Hope everything is alright huh? (:

I dont know how many of you remembered Ms Low once showed us a Video Clip which was on “Friendship ”
Well, i came across some chinese phrase abt Long Life Values. Althought it might sounds abit chim but, it’s meaningful. I am not trying to say anything or even pinpoint anyone. But i just want to share these with all of my friends.

– A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same.

Many people will walk in and out of your life…
but only TRUE FRIENDS leave footprints in your heart.

Love is blind BUT Friendship closes it eyes.

TURE FRIENDS are never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart.

Friends are like poems, you may never fully understand them, but you will always love them.

Two persons cannot be friends if they cannt forgive each others little failings.

Friendship is the only rose without thorns.

A Friendship is Genuine when two friends can enjoy each others company without speaking a word.

A friend worth your tears, will never make you cry.

A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

True friendship is seen through the heart NOT through the eyes.

Yesterday is history
 Tomorrow is Mystery
 Today is a GIFT.

Your friendship is a special gift ,GENEROUSLY given, happily accepted and DEEPLY APPRECIATED!

The joy of true friendships in a joy that last forever , thank you for adding such joy to my life!





I COOKED my own lunch today.
& it’s the FIRST time i cooked my own lunch at home.

The kitchen is like so hottt.
It’s okayy anw.

Who want to go ouut todaaay ?
I’m like so-oh-borrring at home.
If not i am gonna stay home doing projects and E-learning.

I’m so lonely at home, hope someone will accompany me til night.
How i wish my wish will come true!

Felicia just called me and ask me if i want to go out NOW. meet her at jeh 8 !
Heh, my wish JUST come true?????
I gonna prepare myself noow !!

Takecare peeps! (:

Friendship is…

June 8, 2008

Friendship is the most fragile object in the entire universe.
I cherish the friendship with all my heart and all my soul.
I want to be sincere in every friendship I hold. I may behave quite weirdly sometimes but I just want my friends to know that I am me.
I want to be real, it’s tough but I believe it is do-able. Because betrayal always makes the other party feel so terrible, that is why we have to be real before all.

A true friendship goes through lots of trials and obstacles but the point we’re driving is never how tough the problems are but how we cross over this mountain of thorns together. There’s one thing I’ve always believed in, that is, once you miss the right opportunity, your chance is gone forever.

We may have been the best of friends, but we’ll never be again. It is not that I don’t want. But somehow, it is more of like, the situation and environment doesn’t allow.

One key component of Friendship is definitely communication.
Communication is important.
In every form of relationship, be it friendship, boy-girl relationship and even within the four walls of your house. But WRONG way of communication brings about trouble. Yes, gossip. Gossips are juicy but gossiping is a sin.

All we’ve left are memories of the past.




[ “Kope from Stellaa ]

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It’s tough now..

May 1, 2008




LSA was really bad.
as in before it start i already had a BIG FAT Scolding from MRS TEO.
But, really,seriously.

I REALLY REALLY 100% didnt do anything wrong and she just WALKED to me and scolded me for like no or goooooood reason for me to think of.

I ONLY replied her this, ” BUT, we really can’t see the screen what.”
And she started to rise HER voice as if I AM REALLY at the fault and expected ME to say “SORRY” to her.
Hey hello ! Get the facts right do you ?
I didn’t do anything wrong at all and you expect me to say “SORRY” to you ?
So What you are the Senior Teacher in this School ? You can’t just scold me for like no reason !


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Blur Day!

March 8, 2008


Saturday :]


 I think yesterday i set the wrong time which i am suppose to wake up today.
Suppose to wake up at 7.15am ended up i woke up at 7.30am!
I didn’t know until i went to bath. BLUR ME!

I take my own sweet time to dry my hair and everything. I dunno why.
the worse thing was, i missed 2 bus today in 15 mins.
how dumb i am todayyyyyyyy. ARGH!

It’s 8.15am and i am still walking out of my house until i saw this 410 bus passby me.
I told myself  ” orh,okay. the next bus will be coming 15 mins later. and by then i will be late for training. ” So i decided to cross the road and and wait for the bus (shorter route to school ) I sat at the bus stop for 10mins …and i suddenly saw 410bus coming from another side.
WTH. I can’t run across the road cos there’s many cars. -.-
So i took the bus and alighted at the swimming complex AND WALKKKK to school.
A long distance.
But while walking to school, i smsed Jiahui and Weilin. spend time sms-ing them and i reached school like just a few mins . How fastttt(:
School gate was not open. So got to walk to the pri sch side.
HEH, Saw jiahui and we walked to school together.
At the traffic light, saw Weilin and 3 of us walked to school together.
We found that the school is CLOSED today . We even joke abt Mas Selamat is inside the school so today the school is closed.

Benji came den Luther, Huifang and grace.
Weilin went to morning CALL Weiqi cos no one told her that there’s training today.

BUT we have drills today as you know, the school is closed today even the office.

Did drills..tiring larrh.
BIG HOT SUN somemore.

Benji gave the cadet group drills compeition way siaa.
and 1 mistake we own him 2 pumping.
Ended up we did 8 pumping.
*sob* knees damn pain ];

After that luther gave us lesson at the canteen.
I dun even know wad ‘s that larrh.
Until he came and realllyyyyyyy explain .
and i understood lor.
lesson ended around 11.30am.

Went to jeh 8 wif tigger.
Joked and she told me abt her camp.
She says as if it was REALLYYYYY FUN and relaxing.

Went to buy bubbbbble TEAAAA and went for tuition.
Went there and i know that there’s no tuition today.
The teacher actually called my house phone but not my hp number.
and my maiddddddd didn’t call and told me abt it.

forget it.

okay..i shall take a REST today (:

Last day of Term 1

March 5, 2008

It was really a long day for me yesterday.

Tired was the only word that i can say.
I dunno why recently i hv been complaining that i am tired almost for the whole week. In fact not the whole week, since last week.

Well, i guess i need more sleep after my E-learning today.

okay, yesterday THAT girl didn’t come to school 😀
hope she dun come for the rest of the year.

HEH, ytd training was….
okay ?
KH sir taught us..in a RELAXED way. Didn’t scold.
Taught us many things on first aid.
Hur! my brain store too much things at one go..can die sia.

Had Drills.
bang til my legs damn pain ):
i think it’s bcos we bang different ways bah.

 den we are allowed to go home.
Went to buy ice cream …cos i felt like buying 1.
My mouth very……

Went home.
Tired tired.
Had my dinner ,den fall alseep while watching TV.

Actually alarm clock set 7am.
But i was so tired , so i delayed until 7.30am.
woke up on comp and get ready to do Science.

8am to 2.30pm today.
Damn bored okay!
Everyone asking for ans…argghhh!

going back to school tmr.

 Last Day of Term 1.
I still need to carry on and work hard for everything. But i’m tired,tired…there’s still a long way to run til the finishing line.

2 more sundays, and time is up.
I ‘m scare and nervous.
Will i break down that day ?
I guess i need more encouragment….

Projects and projects !

March 2, 2008



Woke up quite late today.
Around 9.30am den off for tuition.
Was 10mins late =x

Hope tmr maths test will pass *pray hard*
LALALALA~~~where are youu ?

Before i woke up today, i was thinking while i am sleeping.
weird ?
I was thinking ,do i still own teachers any h/w ?
think and think…
i remembered Mrs Tham’s HE homework.
Needa hand up tmr if not i will fail my HE.
But it’s group work – Bento meal.
Each of us must choose which dish we are cooking.
Wth ?
And i am the only 1 doing. What abt the rest of the groupmates ?
That’s unfair if i do it all alone.
Alright, i think i will just do my own part and let the rest of them  settle theirs.
But i can’t.
I don’t know what am i going to do now. I am at a lost. It’s less than 24hours to do now and tmr i need to hand it up to mrs tham.
i dun wanna fail HE too.
Every subject is still important to me. i guess.

I guess i complain too much here.
I shall end here.

I rather do everything by my own.
you guys just don’t bother anything wif the projects/marks.
I will do it alone.
I won’t call you guys up and send me your details and everything .
you guys settle it yourself.
This is NOT the first time.

Protected: TRUE Friends.

March 1, 2008

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A Better Day!

February 26, 2008


Didn’t post ytd cos i was tired and there’s no time .
Is like everyday, reached home..im in a rush for almost everything.
Homeworks, studies, dinner, and family relationship.
Yesterday my mum even NAG at me for forgetting to eat my dinner.
oh well ! I am careless =x

I need to concentrate on studies cos i can’t catch up wif wad the teachers are teaching in class.
Eg : Science, Maths.
I Really Really Really need to pass ALL my subjects. That’s my expectation.
Abit too hight ? =p
get into express stream so i wont be able to be in the SAME class as ALL my classmates this year.
I really really do hate 2hope ’08 alright .
They are a batch of useless friends ? They dun help you much, they do things that only benefits them. Hey hello ! is that called a FRIEND ?
Alright, i shall Not say much abt my classmates.

Wadever, i just try to get into express stream next year 😀
If i can’t, i tried my very best.

Went for training today.
Not in a happy mood. Cos i want to hv drills but ended up we did first aid .
I dun really like first aid larrrrh. Kinda boring. d:
Did bandages today with XIAO JIAJIA 😀
At Least i still remb how to do or wad to do okay ..
Not baad leh (:

Den did 10 mins of drills .

Den went to the bus stop and waited for the bus.
BUT i felt like eating ice-CREAAAM. So jiahui and me ran across the road den went to buy ice creaam.
I was thinking….
how dare you run across like this ?! ”
But luckily enough that there’s no one walking or cars driving.
IF nott……
byebye to me .

It looks like i am lack of sleep everyday.
i can’t believe that i fall asleep in maths lesson today.
opps! ):

Heh, i behave like a wild girl today.
So High after lesson. 😀


February 24, 2008



now jiahui had moved from blogger to wordpress too.

I found that blogger is quite complicated sometimes. Whereas, wordpress is kinda easy.

Alright, i forgot to reivse my science today as tmr im having sci test. =x

I Hate going school . The feeling just sucks!
I just want to be a normal student and that’s it 😀

I can’t wait for tmr’s PD and checking of the first-aid kit!
But i just dun want go back class.

ohya! Jiahuii taught me how to put tagboard in.
People, do TAG me when you are free !


1-Go to “blogroll ”
3- TADA! you are in 😀

taggy me (: