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I’m Back!(:

June 6, 2008


Hello x3

I’m back like finallyyyyy.
I’m fine and i am totally healthy~

Alright, shall stop here 😀

Heyyy YOU!


Night people!(:

i dunno whyy.

May 23, 2008

I don’t know whyy.
I don’t know why i got so irritated over a small thing…
I dunno what to do.

I am at a lost noww, and i dun think people out there will be reading my post here.
Well, it’s a challenge.

Wonderful dayy! (:
After exam, went to Mac den went home to change and meet the girls at 1pm.
Headed to Bugis.
Woah~ Bugis Street…
Things there are cheap cheap and nice nice! xD
Got so tempted. But, i didn’t buy anything.
Window Shop shop.
Den went to Bugis Junction shop shop.
Okay larh.
Felicia went to buy Mama’s day present for her mother.
so Sweeet!*
Den off to Orchard since Mummy wanted to treat the girls at Hard Rock Cafe.
so went there.
but things changed.
– SKIP –
Reached Hard Rock Cafe, Woah~
Ate until damn full sia, i am sure the girls too huh?
Den mum came down around 6pm and went to buy me shoes :DD
together with Corrina and Jiaqi.
LE EN and Fel went home first.
So 4 of us went to buy shoes~
Yeaa~ i bought my shoess!
like finallyyy.
I bought 1 and jiaqi bought 1 and tgt we got 10% off!
Den all of us went home le.
Pictures Time !
Presenting you ourr Class Tee Shirttt! (:

Feli , LE EN.
Poohh! :]
In The Train.. xD

Cheese Pasta
Mac Pie.

The Grand Toilet



April 6, 2008

 [dun mind me post the pictures here kay ? i didn’t post these pictures at Blogger.. ]


ytd was GREAT, FUN !
I enjoyed myself.
Want to know the whole story, i posted at Blogger.
Emo again last night.
I dunno,
Perhaps it’s bcos i am too tired ? or idunno.
I hope it’s fine after while.



Tmr it’s our class turn for CIP.
I want to Drink BUBBLE TEAAAAAAAA!!! ):


Lifeskill Workshop

April 3, 2008

Had lifeskill workshop today after the morning assembly.
Went to the MPR, and coach Yvonne was there.

I learnt how to take note-taking in an easier and faster wayy .

played games..and get into serious matter.
The atmosphere was so peace and quiet.

“Note Taking & Memory Technique “

She let us see WORDS and asked us to remb them all in 2 mins.
of cos, i can’t but i tried.
I can only remb 11 words at most when i wrote it out.


She taught me these :

The Brain remembers better IN CHUNKS.
Organise information into catagories.
unrelated items together with a sentence or a story.

2)An Action needs to be REPEATED before it is permanently stored into-long term memory Subject matter is taught in class.

LINK the information with something you know.

3)Use an easily remembered word or phrase to remember a list of items.

Taking small breaks
(5-10 mins ) after every 40 – 50 mins of studying :
increases the amount of information recalled
Relaxes the mind and body.
-Enable understanding and recall to “Work Together ” to the best advantage.
-Help your mind LINK the information to what was perviously learnt.

Mayb this may help me in my studies.
Hope so =x


still got alot, but i dun think you want to read all.
you want, ask me for the paper bah. 🙂

11.15am the workshop ended and it’s our RECESS!
Woot !
but i dun think i enjoyed it.
bcos of some reasons.

LA next. 2 periods.
Ms Chye not free, so nv come.
So Mdm Tan and another teacher came.

CME period.

and ms low discuss abt the money collection thing.
Mr Lai said, IF we can reach $2008 , Ms low and him will treat us go chalet .
as if we can reach $2008.

den we oso discuss abt next friday, making a Farewell party for Mashita.
She’s leaving .

Went to meet WL after that.
shall not say much abt what we did.
went for tuition, heavy rain .

and yeaa..wrote formal writing, almost fall alseep .

Took bus home,
i damn angry with him larrh, drive oso dunno how to drive.
He sudden stop for 2 times.
and the 2nd time , he made my RIGHT hand injuried larrh.
I was standing and he sudden stop, my right hand hit against the pole (isit )
now it’s like red and swollen larh.
Hope apply cream would be better.

there’s NCDCC tmr !
:] :[

nite nite !

Where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY.
Success is just a matter of attitude.
Get on a path personal growth and continuous study,regardless of your field.

 Let this remind me…

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Hello peeps!
I am finally back~

Saturday went to Singapore expo 8 with LE EN.
City Harvest Church.
Well, i didn’t go there with an open heart.
Cos you know, i dun really like Le En and we just patched up not long ago.
She hurted me deeply before.
so hang out with her , i was worried.

took MRT there, errm,
we talked alot, but most of it was LE EN talking.
I listened.

Reached Expo around 4plus.
the Q was damn loooong, but her friend helped us Q first.
Around 5pm .
We went into find seats.
Met alot of her cell group friends.
Heh, they are Friendly and caring peoples!
The drama abt Jesus was touching, making me heartache.
Jesus died for us.

We sang songs and prayed. worshipped.
The topic was on “ Unforgiveness “.
I love their worship.
they pray was EVERYONE over there pray together de lor.
The feeling was NICE! =D
and there’s one part that we need to go to the front to wash away our sin.
Either you backslide or you are first to be there for the event.
i dun really want to go, but LE EN asked me to go since she’s following me.
I went to the front with fearrr cos i was like SO SO BLURRRRR.

and they prayed for us is to ask Jesus to forgive us for what we had done wrong.
I cried.
I can REALLY feel the presence of God .

Everything ended around 8pm ?
den went to meet LE EN ‘s Cell group’s friends.
they are funnnnnyyy !!
Shaked many hands and introduced myself like!@##$%^& times.

Went home after that, and reached home around 9 plus.

* Jesus has forgiven me.
He will forgive and forget.

What abt me ?
I want to forgive them.
I am trying to.
forgive those who had hurted me before…



After tuition went to grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday.

Durian Cake.
HUGE eh ?

and i met many of my niece and nephew.

Didn’t really chat/talk to cousin cos she busy reading her story booook.

Stay til 8plus and took bus home.


still not bad, i think.
but there’s still time i am quite angry with some peoppppple!

Start off with Maths today,errm..was alright.
just that i am abit confuse abt the numbers and everything. giving me a bigggg headache.

i shall not complain too much on it.
is like i am giving ways to them ALL the times.
forget it man!

Teacher went crazy~
called some of the parents while we did some work.
Nvm, not my parents can liao lorr.

i only asked them to write down the names they want to put on their classtee.
so the class list was pass down,
and it took 1 hour +++ for the class list to be back .
and the names was RUBBISH!
I was of cos, angry larrh.
and i ” scolded “some of the guys. =/
But whatever it is , i will put your REAL name instead of yourr nickname.

Council Meeting at the hall.
Mr Lee was in charge of it.
He was telling us abt the ushering thing for this Friday and on the 5th April.
But obviously, i am NOT free on Friday..and i told him
he gave me a bu shuang look can.
But anw , he put me on the 5th April – which is the EVERLAND PRODUCTION!
LALALALA~~ but we won’t be watching the show larrh.
of cos, WE are there to usher people mah.
but nvm, i am sure it will be FUN with the councillors~ (:

after meeting , went with Hazel and Shalin.
mayb i am abit sensitive with them today.
hope i am NOT wrong.

Birthday Party pictures

March 21, 2008

i shall not say much abt the partyyy.
i updated at blogger,i think most of the details was there already, except the photos.
Let the pictures tells you everything.
as pictures can tell a thousand wordsss.


1 More Day

March 15, 2008

Yesterday was a tiring and a happpppyyyyy day 😀
Yesterday daddy dun need to work, so he brought brother and me for lunch.
Jeh 8 is like full of people everywhere. You can’t find a place to sit down and eat your lunch larrrrh.
So we went to the basement, hoping to get a sit FAST cos i need to meet yingxuan.
so finally, we went to have Remen.
The food there is Expensive ? and big portion too.
ohhell! i can’t finish it lorr.
i think i ate half and i am full.
Went off first to meet yingxuan at the interchange.
i waited for her like 45 mins ??
Weilin and weiqi kept calling me to hurrryyyy up.
but i can’t even contact yingxuan larrh.
she came around 1.50pm.
like finallyyyyy.~~
Took 54 to weilin’s house, decide where to train.
and we went to the void deck.
Weilun came too.
Yesterday training was Chao Funny and fun larh!
But to me, i think i dun even hv the mood.

Trained until 5 plus, and went to buy bubble tea.

Met daddy at jeh 8 and went to buy school shoes.
went to Bata to look for school shoes, but i dun like the design.
So went to royal sporting.
even worse.
No size for me.
wth ?

Went to converse see.
Black with purple shoes laces.
but NO SIZE!~
the shoes was nice 😀
But no size for me ):

went to BHG.
and i saw the school shoes that i wanted.
They dun hv size 7 or 7.5
They hv size 8 and above.
But all seems so big to me lor.
so i took the smallest. size 8 -.-
hopefully when i wear, dun drop off.

beside the school shoes, there’s other shoes too.
Looked at it.
non of them seems nice to me.
but i bought the black one.
I dunno if it’s nice. but i like the design .

total = $78.90

Went home.
oppps !
Talked on the phone til 11pm
woah !
break record lehh.

[1] more day to go….
I’m nervous.

Don’t worry, i won’t back out.
at most i will cry ?

Happy Birthday KeHui :D

March 9, 2008


Yesterday had a last min decision whether to go for Kehui’s party.
Had scolding from my mum before she allow me to go.

I went yesterday.
In a hurry. Cos i dunno wad to buy for her birthday present.
Met Nick at jeh 8 . But he was late bcos it was MY fault.

Shop around jeh 8 , we even went to BGH and mini toons.
BHG decided to buy pokemon de, but none of them looks mature to me. =x
mini toons errrm…can’t find anything that’s related to pokemon. Until there’s a salegirl came to us.
and TADA!
we bought the SUPER BIGGGGG pokemon soft toyy. (:
Wrapped upppp.
and off we go to meet yingxuan.
She’s late too, but not my fault.

Anqi was there waiting for yx too.
We took 58 to kehui’s house.
i wanted to fall alseep in the bus, but instead i went to play game(:
NICE, but i prefer jiahui’s .

Kehui’s aunt or whoever came to pick us up.
Her house so far away lorr.

Reached her house.
We talked.
Make new friends ? O.O
Talked and talked.
Eat while we are talking too.
Much laughter too.
Funny things happened too.

Photos taken. I shld brought my camera yesterday! ):
My phone sucks!

8 plus had the cake cut.
i was damn full cos the cake was damn full CREAM.
which make me full lawl.

went home.
LATE at night.
Anqi didn’t sat the same bus as me.
Cos her 54 came and 410white came after awhile.
i WALKED FAssssst home cos i was damn scare.
There’s no car or human around.
i even thought of mas selamat!

Well, i am safe at home already.
That’ GOOOD ;D